Brokerpreneur Daily Plan

Brokerpreneur Daily Plan

Week At A Glance

How To Use The BDP

The importance of having a proven daily plan in your brokerage.

Morning Routines

Getting your day started the right way for success.

Handwritten Notes

Challenge Module: How to write an effective handwritten note.

Monday - Plan Your Week

Brokerpreneur Toolkit 6.20.22

Brokerpreneur Toolkit 6.13.22

Brokerpreneur Toolkit 6.6.22

Brokerpreneur Toolkit 5.30.22

Tuesday - Choose How You Want To Recruit

BFT Recruiting Progress Review

Who Is Your Target Recruit?

Choose Your Recruiting Tactics

Track Your Success

Wednesday - Choose How You Want To Retain

Retention Fundamentals

Choose Your Retention Tactics

Sales Meetings

Thursday - Keep Your Agents Feeding Your Profitability

Coaching & Mentoring

Per Person Productivity Strategies

Onboarding New Talent

How The Best Brokerages Onboard Agents

How To Maximize A New Hire

Future Pacing Agent Training

Brokerpreneur Bonus Content

Brokerpreneur Dialogues

Fast Track Wrap Ups

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